Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Buddha

there is no knowledge known without sacrifice, you must lose everything to gain anything
stories say that his mother had a dream before he was born, a white elephant offered the queen a white lotus flower and entered the side of his body, sages said it meant she would have a son who would either be a great ruler or an enlightened being 
10 months later a baby boy was born, 7 days later the mother died
The world is filled with pain and sorrow but we can all find a serenity
 No matter what circumstances everyone will end up losing someone hurt ill and die
Life is blissful
you are your own master, buddha just shows you the path
The buddha was born in humbini it is one of the most holy places
he who sees me so the teaching and who who sees the teaching sees me
He was born in a palace and for decades never left the palace.
His name was first siddartha
he was married to his cousin at 16
one day he goes outside and he sees an old man and he realizes everyone gets old, the next time he went out he saw a sick man and realized everyone will get sick, the next time he sees a corpse and he realizes that everyone even him will die, and finally he goes out and sees a spiritual seeker and he realizes that all of those encounters were the real state of the world
He was determined to find out the nature of suffereing so he decides to leave the palace
But his wife just gave birth to a baby boy and he realizes if he picks up the baby he will never leave, so he turnd around and left the room
When he left he was alone for the first time so he cut of his hair and went into homelsessness he was sick from his perfect world and wanted to find peace
He became a beggar and slept on the grounds of forest in the northeastern plain
He is a seeker he doesnt have a teahcer or a solution but he recognizes the problem
he joined thousands of people doing what he was doing
suffering didnt begin at birth and end at death it was never ending unless you became unlightened
he was said to have been reborn billions of times until he finally came to his final life and became the buddha
he found a guru and started to follow his practice
no matter what he did in those practices he was still suffering with the problem that he wanted to solve
he continued moving trying to figure out how to completely excape suffering
since he had experienced extreme luxury he tried extreme deprivation
He subjected his body to hardships and pain for 6 years
He had very little food no protection from the elements he slept on nails, crazy stuff to try and escape the bodys limitations
he realized that what he was doing was giving to much attention to his body which diffeated the whole purpose
Then he remembered one day when he was sitting by a river with his father looking at the insects and realized that when people plant the seeds for harest the insects homes and lives are destroyed, he was sad, but he felt compassion that everything was connected and we are all in it together.
He decided to leave that group of people and while he was walking he saw a women with a bowl of rice and all she said was here eat. Wisdom comes from other people, they can give us what they need and bring out feelings
To find the answers to his questions he would look within and trust himself
bodhia is the home place of the bohdi tree where the buddha obtained the great wisdom
he sat down under the tree and said he wouldnt move from that spot until he obtained the supreme wisdmom, just the the god of desire tried to attack him but their weapons turned into flowers and the buddha did not move. The god tried everything even seducing women but buddha did not move.
THen the god asked him how would anyone know he acually had the supreme wisdom, buddha lifted his hand and touched the ground and the earth shuddered. He said the earth is my witness.
He meditated throughout the night and he saw all his past lives flash before him.
His mind was finally at peace he said, the tree rained down flowers and the heavens shook.
At this moment all beings and i awaken together the buddha says
pay attention to who you are what you know and dont know that is nirvanna
he doesnt want to teach people what he knows but then a god comes to him and begs him to teach other people so he sets of to teach his teachngs
Dharma is the fundemental law of all things
He taught his old friends  he practiced asthetisism with how he became enlightened
He spoke out of his heart and out of experience
4 nobel truths#1 there is suffereing in the world#2suffering has a cause#3 you cant be free of suffereing you must live with desire#4he laid out the 8 fold path to enlightenment
 he opened up a place where people could go together to learn and become enlightened, for men and women, which was remerkable at the time
meditation is the only medicine for the mind

Love. Pay attention.

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