Monday, September 26, 2011

Types of excercise

  1. Exercise that improves muscle and bone strength (strength/resistance exercise);
  2. Exercise that improves joint and muscle flexibility (flexibility exercise)
  3. Exercise that improves endurance and stamina (cardiovascular - all types of aerobic exercise are in this category); and
  4. Exercise that enhances your balance and coordination.
STRENGTH/RESISTANCE TRAINING: this type of exercise improves the capability of your muscles and bones. For Example, when you are sore from moving things around the house all day it is usually because you have weak muscles. Strength/resistance training will help strengthen all your muscles and make your bones stronger so that your body can withstand more strain. 
 Muscle tissue contains more of the "fat burning" part of a cell called the mitochondria. Strength exercise increases muscle tissue mass and the number of mitochondria, which create energy in the body. The energy that is created in the body will increase the speed of your metabolism. (The definition of metabolism is all the processes that the cells of the body go through to change digested nutrients into cell material and energy. Metabolism occurs in the cells of our bodies.) Strength/resistance training can consist of weight machines and dumbells, and it can consist the resistance of your own body like pushups, pilates, and yoga.

FLEXIBILITY:"Flexibility" comes from the word "flex," which means to bend, like at the elbow or contract, like a muscle (get shorter in length.) Flexibility exercises improve the range of motion of joints and muscles.Stretching is one of the different types of exercise that improves flexibility. A good thing to remember when you are stretching is to contract the muscle you want to stretch before acually stretching it. Flexibility exercises naturally, improve your posture, your ability to breathe more deeply and naturally and it's one of the types of exercise that improves your circulation and alleviates the muscle tension that accompanies stress. (yoga is a perfect example)

STAMINA AND ENDURANCE/CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE:Cardiovascular exercise improves how well your body gets and uses oxygen by improving the ability of your lungs, heart and blood circulation to deliver it to all the cells in your body, which is required for your body to survive! It also improves your ability to engage in any physical activity for longer periods of time because of the improvement of the heart and lung capacities. This type of exercise if crutial to your bodies health because it allows you to enjoys daily life without getting out of breath or tired, and allows you to play more sports because of your endurance.

BALANCE: There isnt a specific exercise that increases your balance, however, most physical activity that you do will acually increase your balance. It is a significant part of your health because if you aren't balanced it can throw off some of your bodies systems! If one part of your body is stronger and the other one is weaker you posture wont be good, and when that happens your systems wont be able to distribute nutrients and cells, etc equally to all parts of the body. That doesnt sound good does it? When you do the right amount of each exercise and eat a healthy diet your body will be healthy!

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