Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plant medicine has been used since the beginning of the human race. Many indegeounous people's believe that there are places on this earth that have a direct line to the divine. They would have spiritual seekers go there and bring back a piece of the place, which was usually a plant. Stories say that the plant would speak to them and tell them that if they gave the plant direct respect, it would in turn tell them the healing powers they possessed. Now the really iinteresting part about that is they would tell them the healing powers they had for the EARTH. Not the people. But, the indigenous people would know exactly what they meant because in their eyes we are all a part of the earth... Our systems are the same. For example OSHA: (which is very common in boulder Colorado) is said to heal the cramping in the coreof the earth, it helps with stomach cramps. And there are angelicas that heal the trees( the oxygen system of the earth) so it helps lung infections. The united states is one of the only countrues that doesn't have a rich sense of culture, and a lot of us are very sick. Plant medicine really shows the connection between people and the earth

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