Friday, September 30, 2011


High hormone levels always lead to diseases... High hormone levels are caused by high insulin levels which are caused by an excess amount of SUGARS AND CARBS. That can lead to what is called metabolic aging, your body no longer burns energy it just stores it as fat and, it causes your cells to replicate at a higher rate which makes you age faster.
Did you know that when doctors say that a disease is hereditary, it's really because you most likely shared the same lifestyle as that person in your family?
Anybody can ruin there metabolism, even if it is very high, and become ver very sick.

A developed hormone system necessary for a strong immune system.The hormones in our body rely on fats. Eating fats (good natural fats) is necessary for our body to survive.
Eating the right food scaly INCREASE your metabolism, if your not getting enough food your metabolism will go down hill and it is worse off for your body.
Glyocogen is the human carb, it is chained up with sugar molecules and water molecules and since water is heavy it is an innefficient form of storing energy. Fat molecules also known as triglycerides are much lighter in the body therefore it can store twice the amount of fats than carbs. That is why low calorie diets show fast results but it doesn't last.
When you don't get enough fats your body starts thinking that it is starving so it eAta away at muscle and bone mass! And it slows down your metabolism...... Adding fats into your diet is the healthiest thing you can do.

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