Friday, September 30, 2011

We eat the same things that we are made of, plants and animals are made of the same elects we are. The only. Difference between chemicals like pot and aspartame is the amount of time it takes to break down the body. So when you are eating genetically modified food it is just as bad as smoking pot on a daily basis. Any exposure to chemicals causes free radical to enter your body, free radicals are molecules with an extra electron. And since electrons have to have a pair they travel around your body stealing electrons from your tissue, damaging the body on a celular level. However, free radicals are also produced when we eat food, but these free radicals are constantly being neutralized by antioxidants so when you get more free radicals from chemical abuse your body can't neutrslizw them naturally.

Fats CARBS non starchy vegetables and protiens need to be eaten all in one meal. It keeps the hormones balanced and your metabolism going.
There is no fast and healthy way to lose weight. You must first heal your metabolism and when you do that it will become better at burning away extra fat.

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