Thursday, September 29, 2011

Plant healing

Today I learned that the OSHA herb has very long roots and it is very hard to get the entire thing out of the ground. When you do get thE roots out of the ground, you shake them on your leg do get off all of the excess dirt. Then, you check to see if the roots are healthy they can't have mold or anything else on it otherwise they will not be useful for medicine.the larger roots need to be split in half so that they dry better, small roots can be left alone to dry. It is best to harvest in the morning because they will be fresh with mildew and the sun hasn't had a chance to make them wilt.above ground leaves on plants are just as useful as the root, they aren't as common because they don't last as long and cant be put in wear houses. Barks should be harvested in the fall, but sometimes the bark doesn't come off as so youneedto make sure that you take the bark when it is damp before it gets a chance to dry on the tree, then you let the bark dry in a well ventilated sunny place.
There are 4 main ways that people make plant medicines: in water as infusion decoctions, as tinctures in an extended immersion in alcohol water, as salves by transferring the powder plant into an oil, or taking the plant raw either by eating the acuao root or taking it in a powder pill form.
Infusions: are made by placing the plant in either hot or cold water. Essential oil plants (very scented plants) do better when they are in cold water where as other plants do better when they are in hot water.
Decoctions: much more powerful because the water is boiled
Salves:the powder is added to beeswax and oil so it is thick and can be spread
Tinctures: the plant is added to water and it is drank to get rid of internal pains.
Raw: this is the most natural way to take plant medicine

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